special ghost month

January 20 ,2017 07:01 31 AM  semenyih

160318030708aepuxyPark Wan-an immortal [exclusive promotions]

Cemetery From: ¥ 22800 from
Cemetery Address: Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province town Zhengguo Guangming Village
Cemetery Features: Habitat fairy hometown, blessing the fruit of the amendment, to enjoy the days of the city landscape
Bit tomb situation:
Reservation Hotline: 400-8060-812

Introduction cemetery
Guangzhou Wan-an immortal Garden – Wan Anren Wen Memorial Park, will be toward the modern cemetery of ancestral worship, life education, cultural memorial, cultural heritage of the four basic functions as the fundamental; ornamental, cultural, artistic development as the basic concept; in ecology, humanity, the arts, international scientific goal. practical…

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